The Forrás Hungarian Folkdance Ensemble or the FORRAS NEPI EGYUTTES has operated since 1998 (previously known as the Vancouver Hungarian Folkdance Ensemble). It is a self-supported registered society that practices weekly in Vancouver, BC.

Currently, the group’s 25 members are well versed in performing numerous choreographed and improvised dances in a spirit of authenticity. Dances in their repertoire originated in Hungarian villages throughout Central Europe, and have spread to larger urban centers worldwide.

Whether performing at an organized festival, wedding or impromptu basement party, costumes in addition to live music by the Forras Band ( create a fun, party atmosphere  part of ‘Hungarian Folkdance revival movement’.

The types of dance and music styles vary greatly depending on the region of origin and include: couples, men’s and women’s dances. The Forrás Ensemble employs leading professional musicians and instructors from North America and Hungary in order to maintain and improve their repertoire.

Performances include:

•Western Canadian Hungarian Folkdance Festival (various locations)
•European Festival (Burnaby, B.C.)
•Victoria Day Parade (Nanaimo, B.C.)
•Táncház (Dancehouse) (Vancouver, B.C.)
•The Kitsilano Show Boat (Vancouver, B.C.)

•In February of 2010, Forras performed for the Hungarian Olympic Committee and Hungarian Athletes competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics (Hungarian Society of Vancouver)